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How to be brave with colour in your home

Want to add some colour to your home? Here’s how we did it.

I often get told I’m brave with colour in our home which I find an odd term, I’m not brave at all just willing to give things a go. If you take a look at some of the photos from our home you’ll see every room has a slightly different look and feel and there’s always a surprising pop of colour somewhere.

Finding your perfect colour

We have a yellow and teal kitchen which I guess is a little out of the ordinary. So how did we come up with this scheme? To be honest I chose my favourite colour; yellow, and my other half chose his; teal. But how did I know yellow was my favourite colour? The answer is I didn’t until I did some mood boarding.

When we were planning the kitchen I bought lots of interior magazines and started pulling out pages that caught my eye and circling things I liked. It didn’t matter if it was a cushion, a toaster or a rug if I liked it I tore it out and stuck it in my scrapbook. After a couple of weeks of going through this process common threads started to emerge and the strongest one for me was that I really, really like the colour yellow.

Our home is a reflection of our personalities, we wanted to create a vibrant, colourful and fun family space so were bold and decided to combine our favourite colours into our kitchen cabinetry. And voila that’s how you end up with a teal and yellow kitchen.

How to experiment with colour in your home

I get that our kitchen might not be everyone's cup of tea but I have some top tips on how you can inject some fun and colour into your home without going to the lengths we have;

  • Add colourful appliances such as the De’Longhi Argento Silva collection. I have the De’Longhi kettle and toaster in gingko yellow which complements our cabinets perfectly. They also have a gorgeous matte texture which looks great against our concrete worktops.

  • Accessorise with cushions and throws in your living spaces. You can pick up relatively inexpensive ones from loads of shops and even supermarkets. If you get bored you can easily change the colour or play with mixing colour palettes.

  • Upcycle. I’m a massive fan of giving old furniture a new lease of life. If you have an old coffee or side table give it a sand down and a lick of bright paint. It’s something that can be easily changed if you decide you don’t like it and you have the benefit of being able to move it around your house and try it in different rooms.

  • Add art to your walls. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve framed wallpaper samples, old newspapers and even old ski passes. Again these are things that can be easily changed and moved around until you get the desired look.

If you want to add a bit of colour to your kitchen it’s worth checking out the De’Longhi Argento Silva collection available in Gingko Yellow and Birch Grey.

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